Our Milk


Our farm located directly under mountain with the natural environment. Green lushy land covered 20 acres for mainly farming.

Daily Fresh Cow Milk

Zaman Dairy Farms Produces Daily fresh Cow Milk for Malaysian Families.

Raw milk is milk (usually cow's milk) that has been neither pasteurized nor homogenised. The proponents of raw milk claim numerous advantages to consuming raw milk, and they allege that modern "supermarket milk" is bereft of many of the natural benefits of the traditional product.

Some people may think it's just a fad, but the truth is drinking raw milk has many health benefits.

Our farm fresh Cow milk is stored in freezers, it is been pasteurized and packed well before deliver.

First, what is it anyway? It is very basically milk straight from the cow or goat, not pasteurized, not homogenized. The milk you buy in the grocery store has been heated (pasteurized) and sometimes heated even further (ultra pasteurized) to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, this also kills the friendly bacteria and other nutrients and enzymes that would naturally be in the milk. Now, why should you drink it? And is it safe? If you obtain your raw milk from a healthy grass-fed cow it is very safe to drink. Think about what people drank hundreds of years ago. They would never think to heat up their milk, just drank it straight from the cow.